A Chihuahua named Conchita has proven the old adage that every dog does indeed have his day or her day in this case, after a home that was bequeathed to the pooch and two others was recently sold for $8.4 million. Many Michigan residents can probably relate to pampering their pets in a variety of ways, perhaps not on such a grand scale as this story depicts, but have you considered what would happen to your pets if you were to suddenly be unable to care for them?

That is exactly what socialite Gail Posner did when she set up a $3 million trust fund for her animals, which also included a Sunset Island home, to help care for them after her death. Her estate plan also included a total of $27 million left to her bodyguards and household staff members and some of them were allowed to live in the mansion rent-free, as long as they continued to care for the pooch and her two ‘sisters,’ April Maria and Lucia, a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, respectively.

Apparently, Ms. Posner’s son was in a dog house of his own as he was left a measly $1 million in his mother’s will. He, of course, contested that will by claiming conspiracy by his mother’s staff and trust attorneys, however no report was provided on how that probate litigation suit ended up. Meanwhile, the pooches were housed in their own bedrooms and travelled to their weekly spa appointments in their very own gold Cadillac Escalade, according to sources.

Now you may not be able to leave your pets a multi-million dollar trust fund, however to ensure they are properly cared for in the lifestyle in which they have become accustomed, it may be a good idea to include provisions for their care in your estate plan. Consult with an estate planning attorney who can assist you in ensuring your furry children are well provided for in the event it becomes necessary.

Apparently the pampered pooch loved to shop, wore a Tiffany diamond-studded collar and slept in cashmere. There was no indication where Conchita and her playmates will reside now that their posh beachfront home has been sold, however all indications are they will be well cared for wherever they find their new ‘dog house.’

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Gail Posner’s Home Bequeathed To Dog Conchita Sells For $8.4M,” May 27, 2012

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