When you go hiking in the woods, generally there are no paths, there may not be any signs to guide you on your way and usually you’re navigating without a map or a sense of direction. You know the road ahead will be dangerous, there will be risks, and sometimes you wonder if you will ever be able to consider it a successful journey.

This is how many business owners feel, especially in an economy that has more ups and downs than the waves on Lake Michigan. Starting a business from scratch can be a scary prospect filled with uncertainty and sometimes disappointment. And especially in cases where a business can begin to fail owners tend to see their dreams getting ever further out of reach.

For some restaurants it takes a daring real estate investor to help their struggling business get back on its feet. One North Carolina man noticed that many of the restaurants around him were failing and he realized that with the real estate that he already had and the equipment he already owned, investing to revitalize the businesses would be minimal on his part but exponentially more beneficial to the restaurants. In all, he’s saved dozens of restaurants from closing their doors forever because of his real estate ventures.

For many Michigan businesses, a real estate investment such as this could mean the life or death of their livelihood. Financial experts point out that investments such as this can be risky to take, but if it succeeds, the payout can not only mean good news for the investor but for the business owner as well.

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