Readers of our blog know that we often times try to steer away from celebrity gossip unless we know that a story relates to the residents of Michigan. For apartment tenants in Huntington Woods and beyond, this next story could make some people reread their lease agreements and be leery of what their neighbors could be saying about them behind their backs.

According to several news sources, 26-year-old Amanda Bynes was forced to move into a hotel room in downtown Manhattan after encountering trouble with her landlord this month. According to reports, she moved into the hotel room after the building’s management threatened to evict her from her apartment.

The landlord-tenant dispute started after several other tenants in the building surrounding Bynes’ apartment claim she was smoking in her unit despite the apparent no-smoking policy. The landlord also claims that she was a ‘nuisance’ to other residents as well. In an attempt to stay out of messy litigation, Bynes has since left her apartment with her parents moving in to the hotel room next door for support.

Some critics have said that Bynes’ choice to leave her apartment prior to an actual eviction may have been because she wanted to stay out of the media’s attention, while others say that it’s an effort to prove her innocence. Unfortunately, information on the situation is scarce and at this point, most people are speculating about what the issue really is all about.

Situations like this can happen to anyone in the United States and not just to celebrities either. When confronted by accusations from fellow tenants, it’s sometimes hard to prove your innocence when facing an eviction notice. But that’s why it’s important, in the event that the accusations aren’t true, to seek legal presentation because despite your desire to be private, it sure beats being forced out of your apartment because of wrongful accusations.

Source: US Magazine, “Amanda Bynes Leaves Apartment to Avoid Eviction, Moves Into Hotel,” Feb. 2, 2013

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