As many residential property owners know, when it comes to accepting tenants, it’s important to pick someone who is trustworthy and hopefully will not make a headache for you in the future. But despite many landlords’ best efforts, sometimes a bad apple sneaks into the bunch which can sometimes create huge problems for not only property owners but for the entire neighborhood as well.

This is especially true if a particular tenant does something on their property that can potentially harm other tenants nearby. Some Michigan landlords know this all too well but hope they never have to deal with the landlord-tenant dispute that is surfacing out of Pennsylvania this month.

Police were initially called to a mobile-home park at around 5:45 pm to handle a landlord-tenant dispute. When police arrived, the landlord explained that other residents had alerted them to a “pungent odor” that was emanating from one of the residences nearby. The landlord wasn’t sure what to expect but wanted the police to investigate anyway. But when police opened the front door to the property it quickly became apparent that residents were wise to have alerted their landlord when they did.

According to police, inside the home, investigators discovered items that are used to manufacture methamphetamines. As some people in Michigan may already know, the manufacturing of methamphetamines can be incredibly dangerous to not only the producer but to people nearby as well. Some meth labs in other states have been known to explode, severely injuring those unfortunate enough to have been nearby at the time. Even properties that have been cleared of all materials could still contain harmful toxins that have leached into the walls of a home. All of which pose a huge threat to other residents.

Thankfully, no neighbors were home at the time of the investigation and no one was reported to have been injured by the materials. Now, the landlord as well as the other residents in the rest of the mobile-home park must wait for police to finish their investigation before they will know what measures can be taken next to ensure their safety in the neighborhood.

Source: The Daily American, “Police discover apparent meth lab in Meyersdale,” Michelle Ganassi, March 20, 2013

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