Nearly everyone in the state of Michigan has been watching the state of the economy for the past several years. When it dipped into the worst of the recession, many people wondered if it would ever recuperate to its former glory and many became concerned about whether the stock market would ever be the same again.

When social networking first started out, investors began pouring their money into what they saw as the next best thing. And they were right. With the switch towards more technology-based companies though, more old-economy companies found few investors ready to commit in a depressed bear market.

But since the revival of the stock market, and with a little help from Facebook’s computer glitch that stalled activity on the trading floor recently, many experts are seeing a move towards more traditional industries. The industry seeing the most success though is real estate which has seen a spike in the last few months from commercial property builders and mortgage lenders that are attempting to get back into the market by utilizing initial public offerings, or IPOs. Taylor Morrison Home Corp. and TRI Pointe Homes Inc., which filed for IPOs at the end of 2012, are said to be the first home-builder IPOs since 2004; a sign, many are saying, that interest is shifting from “clicks to bricks.”

Even the general public appears to be putting more confidence in the real estate market. Home prices in some states are climbing faster than previously predicted, while overall real estate experts are saying that prices across the nation are in a state of healthy recovery.

But with so many people returning to the ‘old days’ of property investment, it will be important for people to remember that a lot goes into a real estate transaction such as this and it will be even more important to speak to someone with extensive knowledge on the subject. Without this extra help, people could find themselves headed towards a legal situation that could prove to be far worse than they ever imagined.

Source: The Wall Street Journal Market Watch, “Forget Facebook; investors like real estate,” David Weidner, March 26, 2013

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