For landlords in Michigan, retaining your tenants is an important part of doing business. They can mean the difference between turning a profit and not making good on your investment. But what is a landlord to do about a tenant that is being a nuisance to other tenants in your building? Do you take action or risk seeing other tenants leave as a result?

This was the decision one landlord in New York had to figure out this month after nearly two years of complaints in his Manhattan condo. According to the complaints, one of the tenants has been doing constant renovation for the last two years, angering several other tenants who feel frustrated that something had not been done to stop the construction.

It wasn’t until after one of the landlord’s tenants withheld their rent and threatened to move out that the landlord was forced to take legal action against the bothersome tenant. A lawsuit has recently been filed in an effort to stop all future construction efforts until an agreement can be made. But while most of the frustrated tenants are hopeful that this recent lawsuit could solve their problems, the landlord points out that a judge may not rule in their favor. That’s because, according to the landlord, the tenant doing all of the construction has apparently complied with all of the building’s rules and has performed all of the construction during business hours. Only time will tell now whether a judge sees it that way or not.

Source: The New York Daily News, “Landlord files suit to stop tenant’s two-year renovation,” Dareh Gregorian, May 21, 2013

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