James Konecny had lived in Northern Michigan all his life, but a chance job opportunity took him and his family away from an area he always promised to return to.  While searching for a vacation property recently though he found something even better: an investment.

Konecny discovered that the Nugent Sand Co., which had been mining in that area for years, was selling nearly 500 acreas of property along Lake Michigan.  Following a dream inspired by his mother, Konecny decided to buy the property and turn it into residential real estate.  Now he just needed a few key players to help him make his dream a reality.

Konecny first met with a landscape architect who was helping the Nugent Sand Co. sell the property. Konecny pitched the idea of using his development company Castle Dunes LLC to redevelop the area into an upscale residential community–an idea the architect had been helping Nugent draft for nearly a decade. With Castle Dunes’ help, the plans can finally be launched with Castle Dunes holding the purchase agreement to the property.

But launching a purchase agreement of this size needed legal expertise so Konecny then enlisted the help of a real estate attorney to help make sure all the necessary paperwork was in order. With his help, Konecny was well on his way of seeing the Muskegon region flourish into a destination property.

The land deal, Konecny says, should be completed by August, at which point plans for construction could begin shortly after. When Nugent finishes its sand mining sometime in 2016, Konecny hopes to purchase the remaining site, redeveloping the area into a cohesive residential community.

Source: mlive, “Nugent Sand South Lake: Castle Dunes developer has vision that stretches beyond Nugent property,” Dave Alexander, May 9, 2013

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