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June 2013 Archives

Probate litigation sometimes necessary in elder abuse cases

According to a recent report, most victims of elder abuse know the person abusing them. Often, it is a family member or a caretaker. Elder abuse has increased since the economy has been struggling. A common form of elder abuse is financial exploitation involving the changing of a will or trust.

Rights group sues real estate firm for disability discrimination

Most commercial property owners in Michigan know that they must abide by all state and federal housing laws in order to continue lawful operation of their establishment. In all cases, this includes the federal Fair Housing Act which prohibits a property owner from discriminating against an applicant based on any of the categories mentioned in the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and includes disabilities as well. But the crash of the housing market brought an influx of property owners and real estate firms who may not be familiar with all of the applicable laws.

Detroit approves memorandum for new Red Wings stadium

Hockey fans in Michigan rejoiced this month after the city of Detroit announced that it had approved a memorandum of understanding to build a new home for the Red Wings in the downtown area. The $650 million project is expected to cover approximately 45 blocks from Grand Circus Park to Charlotte St., between Woodward Ave. and Grand River Ave. According to planners from the Downtown Development Authority, the new stadium will finally incorporate all three of the state's major league sports venues into one entertainment district at the heart of the city.

Rezoning suggested to help commercial property to thrive again

Along with the recession came the plunge of the job market. Companies collapsed under the combination of diminishing revenue and mounting debt, forcing many of them to close their doors for good. As a result, once used store fronts became vacant spaces, simply waiting for their next tenant to arrive. It's something most Michigan residents have noticed in the last few years; and while the economy is rebounding and business is returning to many areas, zoning plans may be the reason why some derelict properties are having problems filling their vacancies.

Relatives say hospital coerced millionaire woman out of her money

Heirs of a millionaire are suing the hospital that took care of her for the last 20 years of her life, alleging that the facility overstepped its bounds to get money before her death and to be included in her will. Relatives say the case, which has garnered international attention, is not just about getting their money. It's about inappropriate behavior, including medical professionals who coerced an ill woman into giving them money, the family says.

Should cities rethink building codes after serious storms?

It seems like every time you turn on the news lately, another storm is barreling across the country.  From Hurricane Sandy to the deadly tornados striking the Midwest, rebuilding communities will be a top priority for survivors.  But with so much destruction comes the question of whether new constructions should included updated building codes, especially in areas where severe weather is so prevelant.

Buffett, Gates might be onto something with wealth distribution

Many people in Michigan know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett -- the billionaires behind Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway, respectively -- have pledged to give most of their fortunes to charitable causes, rather than thier children. While this is a magnanimous gesture on their part, is it practical for people other than the ultra-wealthy to do something similar with their estate planning?

Litigation continues on landslide caused by construction project

A complicated legal dispute out of Minnesota this month is reminding Michigan residents of the importance of accurate documentation and proper legal representation when it comes to litigation. That's because, as this case points out, having the more right evidence to back up your claims can mean everything when it comes to court decisions.

Despite rise in home prices, rental properties still making money

With home prices on the rise, buying a house now in Michigan is a lot better decision than it was just three years ago. That's because the housing market is finally rebounding after the burst of the market bubble that cost thousands of people their homes. But despite the fact that prices are on the rise, some people are still hesitant to sell their homes in a market that could reverse at any moment.

Tenant sues landlord for bed bug problem and eventual eviction

When it comes to infestations in an apartment complex, figuring out who is at fault can sometimes be a tricky matter. Did the landlord know about the infestation before renting out the property or were the pests introduced after the tenant arrived? This is exactly the question jurors in Maryland asked themselves during a landlord-tenant dispute this month. In the end, it only took them 45 minutes to realize the answer to that question.

What are experts saying about Michigan's real estate market?

Since the housing market bubble burst, Michigan's own real estate maket has suffered greatly and taken almost a year before showing any signs of recovery.  But now with it on the slow climb back up, some real estate experts think the recovery could be short lived if banks and homeowners can't get on the same page.

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