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July 2013 Archives

Eviction notice signals 'time's up' for Flavor Flav's restaurant

Readers of our blog who reside in Detroit may be familiar with the real estate dispute that has been going on between the Sterling Heights-based investment firm and Forza Development LLC, the company whose partnership with Flavor Flav's restaurant has spurred the problems.

Recent litigation could halt mall project on east coast

Though thousands of miles away from residents here in Michigan, a case out of New Jersey this month highlights the very complexities of real estate law we talk about every week on this blog. The case in question revolves around a contract dispute between a development company and several New York sports teams and a couple sports stadium operators. According to the recent litigation, the New York and New Jersey plaintiffs are suing the developer for breaching contract. The developer disagrees, stating that the teams and operators reneged on all of the contractual agreements, thereby undermining their own case.

Family farms look to estate planning to preserve tradition

Farming has a long tradition in Michigan, even though the number of farms and the amount of acreage devoted to farming has decreased steadily over the last century. Still, for many Michigan residents, it is a way of life.

How a rise in rent can lead to a legal dispute

When renters in Michigan first sign a lease agreement, they generally know what the price of their rent is going to be for the duration of their lease agreement. While most renters know that their rent can increase over the course of their stay at a rental property, some may not consider whether that raise is legal or not.

Deed issues a hold up for downtown Kalamazoo property

When downtown Kalamazoo officials announced PlazaCorp Realty Advisors Inc.'s plans to purchase--and perhaps reinvest--in the land and buildings along the west side of the 200 block of Rose Street, there may have been some trepidation among some of the current tenants.  That's mainly because there was no word of what PlazaCorp intended to do with the property once it had purchased it.

Poor estate planning leaves much of Gandolfini's assets to IRS

Poor estate planning could defeat good intentions and actually leave more problems than assets to beneficiaries if estate plan tax implications have not been carefully managed. The recent death of actor James Gandolfini serves to highlight the pitfalls a person could face without a clear understanding of all the tax implications of an estate plan and how to choose the best methods for the distribution of property and assets.

City condemns home after crews discover hoard

Many of our readers here in Michigan may be familiar with the show Hoarders on A&E which depicts people with real-life hoarding problems and the serious problems they face when their compulsive habits are discovered. The show can be both moving and disturbing, showing viewers how much damage these hoards can do to property and people's health as well.

Special needs trusts can help your children in the future

Estate planning is an important step everyone should take to make sure their wishes are known and their assets are handled accordingly upon their death. For parents who have a child with special needs, estate planning is an essential tool that should be used to help care for your child.

Variances, zoning disputes and freedom of speech, oh my!

You don't need to tell readers of our blog about how complicated real estate law can get sometimes. With complex legal terminology and differing laws between each county, some property owners here in Michigan would agree that homeownership is not as simple as holding a deed.

City finds interesting way of getting rid of unwanted store

For people here in Oakland County, we know that our cities may not always approve of the businesses that set up shop here. In some cases, it's because they're too large and take business away from the mom-and-pop stores we hold so dear. In other cases it's because of the unsavory crowds that a businesses might attract. While on rare occasions, such as the example out of Minnesota this month, it's because of shifting moral views within the community.

Restoring Victorian home in Michigan no small task

When a couple in Birmingham, just north of Detroit, bought an 1895 Queen Anne-style Victorian home, they knew they had a large project on their hands. Looking at pictures of the home as it was in 1990 made the wife a little overwhelmed. The husband saw it as an oppurtunity to make something special. It was an ambitious two-year effort that eventually paid off in a big way.

New city ordinance creating frowns in Ypsilanti Township

For those readers of our blog old enough to remember time before video games and social networking, summer days were usually spent taking bike rides to the beach and playing games in the street with neighborhood children. But if you’re a kid in Ypsilanti Township this month, your summer plans of playing games in the street were thwarted by a new city ordinance that has some community members frowning this month.

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