Many of our readers here in Michigan may be familiar with the show Hoarders on A&E which depicts people with real-life hoarding problems and the serious problems they face when their compulsive habits are discovered. The show can be both moving and disturbing, showing viewers how much damage these hoards can do to property and people’s health as well.

A case out of Philadelphia this month is showcasing this perfectly after Hazmat crews investigated a hoarder’s home. The conditions within the home were discovered after the 70-year-old homeowner injured his hips in the home and needed medical help. After the man was taken from the home, investigators began removing numerous sickly animals and pests that had also taken up residence in the home. Structurally, the home was falling down which forced the city to order the house to be condemned.

Situations such as this can lead to difficult legal battles, especially in cases where a hoard is discovered in a rental property. In cases such as this, landlord-tenant disputes can arise, forcing a tenant to seek legal representation to mitigate fines and penalties and a landlord doing the same so as to recover compensation for damages to the property.

Though this incident is happening thousands of miles away from residents here in Michigan, it’s a very real set of circumstances that could happen here as well. This is especially true considering how many homes were placed on the rental market after the housing market burst. Property damage caused by negligent tenants is a very real concern and knowing you can seek legal help for these situations could make sure that compensation is received in the end.

Source: The New York Daily News, “‘This was unspeakable’: Phila. officials describe toxic conditions in hoarder home,” Erik Ortiz, July 8, 2013

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