For those readers of our blog old enough to remember time before video games and social networking, summer days were usually spent taking bike rides to the beach and playing games in the street with neighborhood children. But if you’re a kid in Ypsilanti Township this month, your summer plans of playing games in the street were thwarted by a new city ordinance that has some community members frowning this month.

The ruling was passed just last week in a unanimous decision to prohibit people from playing basketball in the streets or on other public right-of-way. According to the new ruling, those choosing to ignore the new ordinance could see their basketballs confiscated by police and receive fines for their activities.

City officials say they made the decision to make the ban based on several complaints they had received from other residents in the community. Many of these residents were complaining about the fact that many kids, as well as adults, were pulling portable basketball hoops into the street which was creating potential hazards for motorists. City officials say this should no longer be an issue as hoop owners will be warned about the new ordinances prior to taking action against violators.

It’s unclear whether this rule applies just to basketball or whether it will encompass other activities that also occur on neighborhood streets. Reports do indicate however that the ordinance will take effect on July 4. Depending on how well the city notifies its residents will greatly impact the number of disputes that could be raised as a result of the new city laws.

Source:, “Ordinance banning street basketball approved in Ypsilanti Township,” Tom Perkins, June 28, 2013

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