A lot of planning went into what will become the new Spartan stadium on the campus of Michigan State University. Athletic administrators wanted to give athletes and their families the experience they deserved and the fans a stadium worth cheering in. But there was a lot to hammer out before the first shovel could be lifted to break ground on the site.

First thing to consider was where the stadium should be built and gain the proper permits for the area. Adding onto the old site made sense and would create a brand new two-story expansion complete with a menagerie of improved facilities. A lot of building codes have been considered including new entry gates that needed to comply with Homeland Security recommendations and upgrades to the sewer and water lines. Work has already begun on the new flood retention basement near the campus’ lower lot.

But who was going to pay for the stadium? This could have presented problems of its own, but it was decided that the project would be entirely funded by donations and MSU athletics. This was likely a relief to many taxpayers who may not have wanted to fund a stadium they were not going to use themselves. In total, the project is expected to cost around $24.5 million dollars, though investors are confident that it will be a worthwhile investment for the college.

Like with any commercial property, the university had to clear the right channels before breaking ground two weeks ago. And because the stadium is not slated for completion until July 2014, the University will also want to make sure that the construction site is well marked and safe for students to pass by when classes begin in the fall. Otherwise, MSU could face unwanted litigation in the form of a liability suit down the road.

Source: Mlive.com, “Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium construction begins, will last throughout football season,” Brandon Howell, Aug. 9, 2013

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