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September 2013 Archives

Dispute over Michigan boat dock going to court

A 150-foot boat dock near Cambridge Township, Mich., is at the center of a legal controversy. The canopied dock, which was constructed by local residents, lies in disputed territory according to conflicting readings of town records. An attorney who lives near the dock feels that under either interpretation it should be removed and has sued for its removal.

Probate litigation over heiress' estate finally settles

The estate of an American cooper heiress has settled more than two years after her death. The woman died in May 2011 and left behind a $300 million fortune. The woman was not married when she passed and had no children. However, a will contest arose after her family - made up of 20 grandnieces and grandnephews - challenged her will.

Michigan nonprofit offers to purchase Bunche Elementary School

A nonprofit group called Urban Transformation Development wants to purchase Bunche Elementary School in order to convert it to a community center. The school, which was closed down in late 2012, is located near the corner of West Stewart Avenue and Martin Luther King Avenue in Flint. They currently have a $2,500 down payment and are aspiring to purchase the school on a Flint School District land contract in the amount of $25,000.

Michigan building owner supported in landlord-tenant issues fight

Tenants of a Michigan real estate company were supportive of it following news that the company was engaged in a lawsuit with a tenant of a downtown Detroit building owned and leased by the company. Bedrock Real Estate Services was called a great commercial property owner by a cafe owner, citing the accommodations made by the firm for more parking as his restaurant grew. Another business owner said that the owner of Bedrock had played a central role in supporting her business and helping it achieve success.

Trustees play important role in new musical study in Michigan

Most people want the best for their families when they pass. They want to ensure that their families have the financial security and support they need. Other times, people have valuable property that needs to be maintained for years after a person's death.

Central Michigan University may get own district under zoning law

Central Michigan University was under consideration for its own zoning district by the city commission of Mount Pleasant. The officials were to weigh zoning variances and other relevant issues at a special public hearing. At a recent meeting, the city commission requested that the planning commission consider amending the existing zoning ordinance to create a separate zoning district the University.

New development adds value in Auburn Hills

A Michigan real-estate development company, Moceri Cos., will start work on a $46 million residential development in Auburn Hills during the spring of 2014. The project is expected to include 76 townhomes, 72 flats, a 160-unit center for housing for the elderly and a 2-acre public park. The homes are anticipated to be worth about $75 million upon completion. The construction is scheduled to be done in five phases so that the development will be finished by 2017, and no zoning issues are anticipated.

Estate planning and income taxes

The unfortunate reality of life is that no one lives forever. At some point, everyone passes. It is important for Michigan residents to plan for their passing by creating an estate plan. An estate plan can help determine how a person's assets are going to be distributed following their death. By creating an effective and comprehensive estate plan, people can help their loved ones deal more easily with their affairs.

132-acre land conservancy remains possible at Lake Michigan dunes

The creation of a 132-acre land conservancy at the Lake Michigan dunes remains a possibility. The Saugatuck Zoning Board of Appeals elected to pass on a determination of whether a developer will be able to build a 60-foot condo building in Saugatuck Township. The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to permit the planning commission for Saugatuck Township to make the decision regarding the proposed development.

Paper supplier delays probate for some in Michigan

Following the death of a loved one, families are often eager to make all the final arrangements and settle that person's estate. This can be a long process that includes finding all the estate planning documents including the will, identifying all the heirs to the estate, dealing with life insurance payments, finding and paying all the estate's creditors and many other issues.

No summary judgment for tenant-landlord dispute over cats

Both Michigan animal lovers and rental property owners are following a case in which a woman faced eviction for owning a cat in a no-pet residence. Her residential lease agreement notwithstanding, the woman said that she had kept cats in her condominium for 11 years and had never received a single complaint. She claimed that she needed the cats with her to help her cope with emotional anxiety.

Knowing the law is important for tenants

Tenant advocates contend that many landlords are not aware of their legal responsibilities. This can lead to landlord-tenant disagreements regarding important matters, including the maintenance of the unit, the rent, visits and leaving the unit. For this reason, tenants in Michigan must be aware of their own rights so that they can respond when treated unfairly.

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