The creation of a 132-acre land conservancy at the Lake Michigan dunes remains a possibility. The Saugatuck Zoning Board of Appeals elected to pass on a determination of whether a developer will be able to build a 60-foot condo building in Saugatuck Township. The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to permit the planning commission for Saugatuck Township to make the decision regarding the proposed development.

The developer, doing business as Singapore Dunes, proposes the construction of four buildings at a14-acre plus area that was once used by a boat building enterprise. The developer also plans for a marina at the location. However, Saugatuck Township regulations permit a building in the community to only be up to 35 feet tall. The taller buildings that the developer seeks to construct will accommodate 72 units in each structure.

The developer argues that constructing the buildings in the manner proposed and putting the parking underground permits the preservation of 310 acres of the dunes located north of the Kalamazoo River. The Zoning Board announced that they did not have enough information to grant the land use variance. This fact was labeled as the reason why they elected not to make a decision on the matter.

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Source: Holland Sentinel, “Land conservancy in Saugatuck Twp. dunes still an option”, Jim Hayden, September 07, 2013

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