The city of Muskegon Heights has found a way to handle its zoning issues temporarily by contracting them to the city of Muskegon. With the addition of a new drain commissioner, the city of Muskegon is prepared to handle all of the zoning problems facing its sister city, including rulings on purchases and sales.

Of the greatest importance to the city of Muskegon right now is the issue of dredging the Cotton Grove and Hartshorn Marina launch ramps due to low water levels. This emergency issue has arisen as the city looks for money to pay for the services. The city is considering changes to a grant agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to fund the emergency dredging operations.

City and county zoning boards often handle emergency and routine issues and deal with the rules for building or maintaining properties. These zoning boards have the power to allow someone to build a certain type of structure or building plan. They also have the power to levy fines against those who do not follow zoning codes. Many city and county residents are faced with petitioning zoning boards for variances on their properties in order to erect a certain type of structure or operate a business on their property.

A real estate attorney may be able to help those who are struggling with zoning issues or problems. Many people hire a real estate attorney to represent them in their attempts to have property rezoned or for a zoning board hearing. An attorney could protect a property owner’s rights during a zoning board meeting.

Source:, “Muskegon City Commission: Agreement on zoning services for Muskegon Heights on Tuesday agenda“, Dave Alexander, November 26, 2013

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