With marijuana becoming popular for both medical and recreational use, it’s likely that states will continue to vote it legal in small quantities. However, that’s going to have an impact on the residential lease agreement you sign, especially if you want to smoke marijuana for medical reasons. In Michigan, a new bill may prohibit the growing or use of medical marijuana if it’s passed, even if tenants have a prescription.

According to the news from Feb. 18, the bill, Senate Bill 783, could impact over 155,000 people who use medical marijuana in Michigan. Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in the state. The Port Huron Area Landlord Association president suggested that he doesn’t like medical marijuana use in multi-unit apartments at all, because this could affect other tenants in the building. With the law, he could essentially have more authority over his properties.

He claims that it’s welcome legislation, because it will allow him to properly take care of his 40 or more properties. He reported that he does have a few renters who have a medical marijuana card, but he is okay with it because they don’t abuse its use. No matter what the reason, legally, patients are already allowed to grow the plants, so it may make it more difficult for some people to get leases in the future.

This potential law could impact those who need the medication, though. In Michigan, the law allows patients with a prescription to grow up to 12 marijuana plants at any one time. The plants can only be used for personal use. Caregivers can grow up to five plants, as well, per person. One concern is that if this new bill does become a law, it could impact caregivers and their right to grow the marijuana patients need; this could cause a dip in product availability.

Source: The Times Herald, “Proposal would let landlords say no to medical marijuana” Nicholas Grenke, Feb. 18, 2014

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