The decision to begin the estate planning process may seem overwhelming and confusing. However, regardless of age or life circumstances, anyone involved in an estate plan should consider the benefits of having a power of attorney as part of the process. In Michigan, there are many reasons a person should have a power of attorney, but one primary reason is to avoid disputes among family members during an already difficult time.

Whenever decisions need to be made regarding the care of an elderly or incapacitated loved one, there can be a great deal of stress and contention involved. There may be medical and financial decisions that need to be made and made quickly. Without any kind of power of attorney designating who can make these decisions, family disputes may erupt.

A power of attorney can outline the details of wishes about medical care and ensure all financial matters are handled according to what the person wants. A simple accident can lead to the need for a power of attorney because a person may be unable to communicate wishes for care. If disputes arise between family members, an experienced estate planning attorney can help families navigate those disputes and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Our firm understands the unique needs of each family and how complications can arise when there are the best intentions by all parties. We can help assess a situation and devise an estate plan that makes sense for individuals and Michigan families alike. From medical information and decisions to day to day financial decisions that still need to be made even while medical issues are present, our firm can provide the tools and answers you need to ensure all aspects of your estate planning needs are met.  


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