The best landlords have a knack for picking the best tenants. By taking the time necessary to select a good tenant, Michigan landlords can avoid many landlord-tenant disagreements. They can save a lot of time, money and potential headache as well. Fortunately, there are some great steps that every landlord can follow in order to ensure they have the best kinds of tenants renting from them.

Checking references is important because not all tenants are as great as they initially appear. In order to prevent a property from becoming damaged by an irresponsible tenant, and in order to prevent potential legal disagreements later on down the road, discussing the behavior and personality of a tenant with an ex-landlord can be highly beneficial.

Keeping good records is also essential to a landlord’s success. Make sure to save rental applications, code of conduct documents and any records and receipts pertaining to maintenance done of the property. This information is also important when making tax deductions at the end of the year.

Being a good landlord also involves making sure that the property is well-maintained, and its grounds are good-looking and clean. Also, making sure that adequate security exists — the locks, windows and doors are well-maintained — will help ensure the safety of the property and its inhabitants while lowering insurance premiums.

There are other excellent pieces of advice that Michigan landlords can follow in order to avoid landlord tenant disagreements. While a lot of this advice falls under the realm of common sense, it may not all be readily apparent. However, a real estate attorney can be an excellent resource in the initial stages of setting up a property for lease in a way that limits the chances of costly problems in the future.

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