Michigan tenants may sometimes find themselves involved in a legal squabble with a property owner they are renting from. Indeed — be it a rented house, apartment or a long-term office space lease — a renter could find him- or herself in all manner of landlord-tenant disagreements. Often, in these situations, a lawyer can be of enormous assistance in helping to resolve the dispute.

Those who are currently mired in a disagreement with a landlord — or simply want to know what their legal rights are in their landlord-tenant relationship — can ask an experienced landlord-tenant attorney to review the matter. This way, one can be certain that his or her legal rights are being fully evaluated and protected.

Some individuals might be facing eviction. Others might be trying to get back their security deposits after the lease has been completed. You might be trying to prove that a scratched up wall in the master bedroom was like that before you moved in, and it was not caused by your elderly, overweight schnauzer.

In the event of a lawsuit, a real estate or landlord-tenant attorney will review documents, interview witnesses, collect records, research applicable case law and discuss with experts when necessary. An attorney can also be of invaluable assistance by negotiating settlements with landlords, property managers and insurers.

Sometimes landlord-tenant disagreements can be resolved with a simple letter being drafted to the opposing side. Other times, more in-depth legal strategies, litigation and even a hearing may be required to bring a suit to conclusion. Ultimately, though, the goal of a landlord-tenant attorney will always be to strengthen his or her client’s position and achieve the best results in the client’s case, by the most cost-effective means available.

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