One of the most vital and popular documents drafted when an estate plan is set in motion is a will. A will is important and is put in place to clearly outline a person’s last wishes regarding his or her estate. Yet, having a will may not be enough to stave off a will challenge. Under some circumstances, family members may find themselves united in the pursuit of a will challenge after a loved one’s death. For any Michigan family, comprehensive legal advice and guidance can help to navigate a will challenge situation.

Even with the best of intentions, a will may leave unanswered questions and an opening for a challenge. This can occur if assets are acquired or significant wealth is gained after a will is drafted. If these assets are not added to a will, beneficiaries may dispute the way in which they are bequeathed. Also, a will challenge may arise if the wording is unclear or if family members interpret the instructions differently.

If one adult child is not included in a will, even though an intentional move, that adult child may challenge the will, further increasing the time between the passing of a loved and the completion of the probate process. Sometimes a child may not be included because he or she did not come into the family until after the will was drafted, prompting a will challenge. Undue influence is another reason some family members may have for the contesting of a will.

The reasoning behind a will challenge is generally as unique as the family involved. It can involve one party or an entire branch of a family. Legal guidance and the determination of the chance of winning a will challenge is important, especially since it may be an emotional time. Our firm has more information online about will challenges along with information about Michigan estate planning laws in general.

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