Individuals may think they have done huge favors to their families if they have drafted legal wills. However, having a will in place and ensuring it does not end up subject to a will challenge are two different things. It is important to understand how and why a will challenge may occur and what a Michigan family should do if one or more family members do in fact challenge a loved one’s will.

One reason a will may be challenged is the simple fact that certain assets may not have been included in the will. Also, some of the deceased’s wishes for assets may not be as clear as they could be, leaving room for misinterpretation.  Family members who come into the picture after a will is drafted, such as children born after the fact, may also make a will open for a challenge.

It can be a difficult process for the person or family member who has been designated the executor or family representative. A will challenge can mean the process is tied up for months as disputes can take a long time to settle legally. Experienced legal counsel can ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible for those who have to endure a will challenge.

The reasons a family chooses to challenge a will can be widely varied and include undue influence and other accusations of wrongdoing by someone close to the loved one. Our firm has experience navigating will disputes and challenges that are often emotional and difficult for families. Our website can give you further insight as to how we can help any kind of will challenge  involving your Michigan family.

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