Most deals or agreements made concerning real estate flow smoothly and all parties are quite pleased with the results. However, not all real estate transactions in Michigan are as cut and dry as others. There may be times when a leasing issue or other issue between a landlord and tenant requires extra attention and possibly even litigation.

No commercial property owner or tenant should try to navigate any problems with a lease on his or her own. Having an attorney who has experience and who has the time to give the case personal attention can mean an increase in the likelihood of a favorable outcome. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, litigation may be required.

One typical issue that may necessitate legal help includes the violation of a lease. If a commercial lease is violated, the property owner may have negative consequences with which to contend. Termination of a commercial lease may also make legal assistance necessary. The drafting of the agreement itself should also be overseen and reviewed by an experienced attorney to avoid confusion or a sticky legal situation.

Commercial real estate transactions can involve a great deal of money, time and effort for all parties. If you are in any way involved in a lease agreement or real estate transaction in Michigan, knowing where to turn to for up-to-date legal guidance can be invaluable. Our website provides more information concerning real estate transactions and explains how we can help ensure that they are fair and legally drafted.

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