When people think about what a real estate litigation scenario looks like, they may be quick to think about a dispute over a contract or a problem between a landlord and a tenant. However, real estate litigation can involve a wide range of issues. It is important for any Michigan resident entering into a real estate deal to understand the kinds of disputes that may occur and how litigation may be needed to find an acceptable and fair resolution.

Real estate deals involve titles. Sometimes, there are situations in which one party tries to claim ownership of a property, and a title dispute may only find a resolution in the courts. Property details, particularly property lines and boundaries, can easily lead to litigation situations. Easements can also be a source of contention and dispute, as can a party occupying a space and claiming legal ownership based on the time period for which they have occupied the property.

Litigation can even begin during the construction phase. A construction company can be in breach of contract, leaving an individual or business little choice but to take legal action. Defects in construction can also lead to litigation if a company is not taking proper action to resolve or rectify the issue.

Each real estate transaction, regardless of how large or small, can result in miscommunication, mistakes and mishandling on a wide variety of levels. Our firm has information online that may help Michigan residents understand the potential sources of real estate litigation. Anyone entering into a new real estate transaction or renewing an existing lease may want to seek legal support to ensure that the contracts are clear and that the process goes smoothly.

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