A residential real estate transaction is a legal process that follows the same basic procedures as any other legal contract. Regardless of whether a residential real estate deal is for a primary home or a vacation home, the contract needs to be reviewed and examined by a legal professional, as the provisions contained within are legally binding. Without legal protection, a potential Michigan homeowner or seller could open the door to disputes or minimize his or her own legal protections should something within the deal go awry.

A residential real estate attorney can draft a purchase agreement for the protection of all involved. Also, residential real estate professionals can assist with the closing process, and can review closing documents for errors or omissions, as well as explain the contents to the client. Real estate disputes can be costly, and problems can postpone the closing timeline for any transaction.

As for vacation properties in Michigan, the same legal protections are needed to ensure fairness, provide for the protection of both parties and ensure the legality of the transaction. The same legal issues that can inhibit a successful home buying or selling experience can also hinder a vacation home transaction. Owners of investment property have a heightened need to ensure that all transactions go smoothly, and are within the letter of the law.

Any residential real estate deal can quickly transition from smooth sailing to rough waters in a very short period of time. A trusted residential real estate attorney can head off many potential mishaps and work to ensure that a fair and clear contract is reached. Our website has more information about the importance of relying on professional legal assistance when moving forward with any residential real estate transaction in Michigan, as well as a range of articles that focus on other real estate matters.

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