Once a loved one passes, the ensuing process of probate can either be smooth or it can be contentious and lead to family strife. With the proper guidance and legal assistance, the probate process does not have to become a probate litigation situation for grieving Michigan families. Legal assistance can help with all areas of probate and can ensure that minor details are taken care of so families can move forward.

These details involve much more than just overseeing who gets what as far as assets and beneficiaries are concerned. Any tax issues plaguing the estate or the deceased need to be handled legally and quickly. Also, a complete inventory of assets needs to be done regardless of whether or not there may be a family dispute over those assets.

Another way to avoid a probate litigation scenario is to have legal support identifying and dealing with any creditors. Life insurance issues need to be handled quickly, also. Issues related to guardianship need to be navigated legally and according to the wishes of loved ones. This can often be a source of litigation, but with proper guidance and if legal documents are in place before needed, it does not necessarily have to morph into a litigation scenario.

Avoiding probate litigation can help save time and ensure family members’ wishes are respected. However, there may be times when despite the best intentions and preparation, family strife can still lead to probate litigation. Michigan families who are concerned about possible probate litigation or interested in what the probate process entails may want to visit our website for more up-to-date information.

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