Owning and renting a vacation home anywhere may not be all it is cracked up to be for either the owner or the renter, especially when disputes or disagreements arise and adequate legal protection is not in place. Having clear expectations as to the landlord/tenant relationship and agreements can help stave off any disagreements between the parties. However, Michigan residents should be prepared for any challenges or obstacles that can arise regarding vacation homes and the relationship between landlords and tenants.

When it comes to vacation homes, seasonal and short-term leases need to be drafted. These can vary when compared to standard leases. A legal professional with experience handling seasonal leases can ensure the lease between a landlord and seasonal tenant is designed with exact needs in mind.

Property repairs and responsibilities can always be a sticking point in any landlord/tenant relationship. When it is a vacation rental, property repairs may be a source of contention. The appropriate legal documents need to be in place long before a repair is needed or responsibility for the repair is responsibility for the repair is disputed.

The landlord/tenant relationship can be contentious regardless of the amount of legal protections in place. This may mean Michigan landlords and tenants need a skilled negotiator by their side or some form of dispute resolution in place when a dispute arises. Our firm has more information online about what kinds of issues may complicate the landlord/tenant relationship in regards to residential and commercial real estate, with particular attention to vacation homes.

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