A year after his death, the family left behind by comedian Robin Williams is still having a dispute over items and funds the comic left behind. The inheritance dispute has been ongoing, and both sides will be meeting soon in order to come to some kind of resolution. The dispute currently making news in Michigan and elsewhere is between Robin Williams’ wife and his children.

The fate of the actor’s personal property has caused the strife in need of legal intervention. Reportedly, the children involved have been trying to avoid court invention in the case. According to the reports, Williams wanted trustees he appointed to make the decisions that are now being disputed.

Some of the personal property that the children and wife are at odds over include his expansive bicycle collection. Also, the actor had art and books said to be worth a great deal. There is a fund in place to be used by the wife to maintain the home she shared with him, and both sides are disputing the details of that fund.

When an estate plan is put in place, the intention is to minimize the chance of any beneficiaries disputing the plan or creating any family strife. Despite having a plan in place in regards to personal items and an inheritance, the family members left behind are still at odds over Williams’ estate. With proper handling, communication and guidance, the wishes for an inheritance and personal property in Michigan may be upheld with minimal or no chance of family disputes after a loved one has passed.

Source: ABC News, “Attorney: Robin Williams’ Bikes Are an Issue in Estate Fight”, Sudhin Thanawala, Aug. 28, 2015

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