The buying, selling and renting of residential real estate property is a legal transaction, one that may be the most valuable transaction you make. Just like any other legal transaction, a residential real estate transaction can become complex and require legal intervention in the way of negotiations or litigation. Michigan homeowners and renters may benefit from a deeper understanding of what complications may arise or which situations may require legal intervention.

Vacation properties can be valuable, just as valuable as a primary residence. Owning one and renting it out can be a great investment, but it can also be a great hassle. For others, the sale of a valuable vacation property can also be a source of investment income. Any complications when selling, buying or renting that vacation home can affect the value and outcome of the transaction.

A new home may be a dream situation for any future homeowner. However, a dispute can easily occur between a future homeowner and a construction company. A remodeling project can also lead to disputes, and the remodeling project itself may cause damages that greatly impact the value of the property.

The process of dealing with a residential real estate transaction can be unpredictable and difficult to navigate as there may be an emotional element when it involves a family home or dream vacation home. Legal support can ensure the best options are explored and all parties are aware of the possible outcomes. Our website has more information about residential real estate in general and what legal needs may crop up for those in Michigan looking to buy, sell, rent or remodel.   

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