Most landlord/tenant issues can be avoided when leases and contracts are well-prepared and both sides are clear about responsibilities and expectations. However, even when there are leases in place, landlord/tenant disputes or a landlord’s disregard for outlined responsibilities can occur and require legal intervention. Apartment tenants in Michigan are currently dealing with a landlord who allegedly did not live up to his responsibilities, and they claim they are being evicted as a result.

The apartment complex residents say they have been served with eviction notices. The township has declared the building to be unsafe. The residents of the 12-apartment complex say this is the result of the landlord not fixing the apartment complex as he should.

Some of the complaints about issues that need to be resolved include claims that black mold is present in the building. Also, one resident says the refrigerator and air conditioning is broken. Residents report they have tried to get the landlord to fix the problems and have had no luck. The apartment residents also say the landlord says issues are receiving attention but that he claims there is no way the issues will be fixed by the time the eviction notice takes effect.

When a landlord/tenant conflict of this nature results in problems that render the building unsafe, other entities can force the tenants out through no fault of their own. While this scenario may be rare in Michigan, the residents of this building will likely need to find new homes. In cases in which problems need to be fixed, having a clear outline of landlord responsibilities, along with a time line for repairs, can help others avoid similar circumstances. Legal support may help ensure any lease or contract accounts for these possibilities, and litigation resulting from a landlord/tenant dispute can be handled fairly if needed to resolve the situation.

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