There are endless reasons why a lawsuit may arise between real estate owners who are neighbors. When land or homeowners share a property line in Michigan or elsewhere, property line disputes or disputes over trespassing and causing damage can lead to real estate litigation between neighbors. One case garnering news attention involves two property owners and the removal of 20 trees from one property to improve the view of the other.

The coastal properties in question are located in the northeast and are owned by a businessman from Chicago and a west coast couple. The couple visited the businessman and asked permission to cut trees from his property to improve their view of the bay. The businessman says he explicitly said no to the request. Despite this refusal, it is reported that someone went onto the man’s property and cut down 20 trees and damaged 30 others trees in the process.

The businessman is suing the couple for monetary damages. He is seeking the cost to repair the trees damaged and replace the ones cut. He is also seeking damages related to the trespassing onto his property. In addition to that, he wants damages that amount to the increased property value the couple will receive now that their view is improved.

Real estate litigation between neighbors can get complex, both legally and personally. When it involves alleged damage or the valuation of property, having legal counsel involved may help ensure a clear-headed and fair approach to the situation. Michigan home and property owners can find that effective legal representation may help owners recoup losses or provide the monetary compensation needed to repair damages or lost value inflicted on a home or property owner by another party.

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