For one landlord in another state, the fight to get tenants legally evicted was a long and complicated process. The landlord/tenant dispute took months to resolve and no less than 10 court appearances. Michigan landlords may benefit from understanding how the case unfolded and what procedures finally ended the ordeal.

The dispute began when two tenants rented a three bed-room apartment from a man. The tenants then proceeded to embark on extensive renovations to the apartment. They eventually converted the space into a 10 bedroom apartment. They rented out these small spaces for $35 a night and targeted short-term renters.

Once the landlord found out about the renovations and rental units, he entered the property, dismantled the renovations and ordered the tenants to leave. Despite the fact that renters illegally renovated, a court said the landlord illegally kicked out the tenants. The landlord needed to obtain an eviction notice, but, in the meantime, the tenants kept renting the rooms and also stopped paying their rent. Once the eviction notice was finalized, they were ordered to pay the back rent. The landlord is currently suing the tenants, who are now gone, for that back rent.

The eviction process can be complicated despite who may be in the right or in the wrong when dealing with a landlord/tenant dispute. Michigan landlords have to adhere to the law despite what may actually be occurring in an apartment or rental. Legal support can ensure both landlords and tenants are fully aware of the process, the legality of any actions by any party and what to expect when an eviction notice is being pursued or served.

Source:, “Landlord finally evicts tenants who turned three-bedroom Queens apartment into 10 bedrooms“, Arnold Diaz, March 28, 2016

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