Litigation is often necessary to resolve a number of real estate disputes, especially when negotiations or other methods of conflict resolution prove to be unsuccessful. A wide variety of scenarios can lead to real estate litigation before a transaction is completed or even after a real estate deal unfolds. It is important for any Michigan resident in the middle of real estate litigation to have legal support when facing complications related to a transaction.

The specifics of a real estate transaction before it takes place can lead to litigation for a number of reasons. One example may be title disputes involving opposing claims to a property, which can stall a transaction or completely derail the deal. Zoning disputes with local authorities can also hold up plans to build or lease. A case involving zoning variances can significantly impact a major investment.

Once an investment property has been built or leased, numerous issues can lead to litigation that requires legal guidance. The lease can be a source of dispute between property owners and renters. If a building or home is new construction, defects in the construction can wreak havoc and lead to problems that can be costly and time consuming. Litigation against a construction company may be the only means of rectifying the situation.

A real estate deal can involve a specific timeline and high finance. Any complications, delays, disputes or misunderstandings may be costly and involve detailed legal documentation. With legal support, timely solutions can be found, and the chances of further legal complications may be reduced. Our firm understands the issues that Michigan individuals and businesses may face when a real estate deal is in the balance or completed. We have more information about real estate litigation and transactions on our website for those who may need legal support or guidance.

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