Issues involving buying and selling property in Michigan can be complex and even result in lawsuits. Real estate litigation can cover a wide range of disputes whose outcomes can be of profound importance. When it comes to addressing a serious dispute in real estate, going it alone is usually not advisable.

Opposing claims to property can be especially troubling for owners. These often arise after a person has passed away and left a property to a certain family member. However, improper transactions and unrecorded easements can also lead to this type of dispute. The vast majority of property owners hope for a quiet and cost effective solution to remove these opposing claims, and we have helped many of our Michigan clients accomplish this.

Adverse possession is another unexpected dispute that many property owners are disturbed to discover. This type of dispute occurs when one individual makes a legal claim to another person’s property after he or she has occupied the area. This type of claim can only be made when the other party has occupied it for quite an extended period of time, the exact length of which can at times be subject to interpretation.

Properties are some of the most valuable assets that people in Michigan will ever own. Real estate litigation puts these valuable assets and, at times, much more on the line. We understand the unique issues faced by property owners fighting another party’s claim to their property, and our years of dedicated experience have allowed us to develop the right tools and strategies to carefully guide each of our clients through the process. Since no approach can be uniform to all types of disputes, be sure to visit our website for additional information.

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