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Real Estate Litigation Archives

Understanding tax deeds and quiet title actions in Michigan

The residential and commercial real estate markets in Detroit, and throughout Michigan, have been taken on a proverbial roller-coaster ride in recent years. Despite past turmoil, investing in real estate remains a vital interest for homeowners, investors and businesses alike. Protecting financial interests in any real estate investment is critical. With many properties changing hands due to tax liens foreclosure, mortgage foreclosure and multiple investment transactions, the risk of finding a cloud on the title to a specific piece of property is real.

Real estate litigation needs the right guidance -- we can help

Issues involving buying and selling property in Michigan can be complex and even result in lawsuits. Real estate litigation can cover a wide range of disputes whose outcomes can be of profound importance. When it comes to addressing a serious dispute in real estate, going it alone is usually not advisable.

Legal support is needed for real estate litigation in Michigan

Litigation is often necessary to resolve a number of real estate disputes, especially when negotiations or other methods of conflict resolution prove to be unsuccessful. A wide variety of scenarios can lead to real estate litigation before a transaction is completed or even after a real estate deal unfolds. It is important for any Michigan resident in the middle of real estate litigation to have legal support when facing complications related to a transaction.

Cutting of trees leads to real estate litigation situation

There are endless reasons why a lawsuit may arise between real estate owners who are neighbors. When land or homeowners share a property line in Michigan or elsewhere, property line disputes or disputes over trespassing and causing damage can lead to real estate litigation between neighbors. One case garnering news attention involves two property owners and the removal of 20 trees from one property to improve the view of the other.

Real estate litigation: Disputes often arise during construction

Michigan residential building projects are typically a time full of excitement and anticipation. However, any number of things can go wrong, and homeowners are often disillusioned when building projects extend far beyond the expected occupancy dates. It is not uncommon for legal complications to arise, and in many cases, real estate litigation may be the only way to resolve such issues.

Real estate litigation can involve common and uncommon issues

The success of any kind of real estate deal can hinge on minimizing conflict and successfully navigating any litigation scenarios that may occur. Legal support is needed to ensure all parties are protected and also to deal with issues as they arise. Those issues may be considered common, or they may entail unique situations that require deeper insight and more time to prepare for real estate litigation in a Michigan court.

Real estate litigation situations can vary in Michigan

Just as with virtually any legal situation, litigation related to real estate transactions or disagreements can be based on a variety of factors. Because any real estate litigation situation in Michigan can become complex, legal support may be necessary to ensure fairness and a timely resolution. Support and guidance becomes particularly important if the situation cannot be resolved through negotiation, and litigation is the only solution for all involved, especially given the value of what may be at stake.

Location of chimney touches of potential real estate litigation

In urban areas where buildings are in close proximity, shared space or attached elements of a building may be a source of contention or even possibly a legal dispute between building owners. For one pair of building owners in another state, the location, condition and purpose of a newly discovered chimney has caused some strife. Shared urban spaces in Michigan could also be a source of possible contention between building owners, and that contention could even lead to real estate litigation between property owners.

Real estate litigation may involve more than you may think

When people think about what a real estate litigation scenario looks like, they may be quick to think about a dispute over a contract or a problem between a landlord and a tenant. However, real estate litigation can involve a wide range of issues. It is important for any Michigan resident entering into a real estate deal to understand the kinds of disputes that may occur and how litigation may be needed to find an acceptable and fair resolution.

New bill would allow local regulation of oil drilling in Michigan

There are many different legal disputes a business could potentially find itself in in relation to property it has here in Michigan. One are disputes regarding local regulations. Townships and counties in the state generally have a variety of different regulations regarding land use and what sorts of business operations can be performed where. These regulations can strongly impact whether a business is able to use a property it has in the way it desires. Experienced real estate attorneys can help businesses that want to use a property they have in a way that is barred by local regulations look into whether they could pursue a zoning variance or some other legal solution that would allow them to use the property in the way they wish.

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