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Planning for your elder years can be an easy process to overlook. While no one wants to think about growing old, it is important to create a plan for your financial welfare, medical needs and personal well-being as you age. It is also vital to preplan for difficult matters such as nursing homes and end-of-life decisions.

Protect Yourself and Your Well-Being During Your Elder Years

Serving the Detroit metro area and all of Michigan, the lawyers of Galloway and Collens, PLLC, have extensive experience helping our clients make the right decisions from both legal and financial perspectives, but we never forget the human aspect of these matters. Older adults deserve to live their final years in dignity, and we work to help make their lives as comfortable and as worry-free as possible.

Our Huntington Woods lawyers help clients address all aspects of elder care, including issues surrounding:

Addressing Complex Elder Law Issues at Any Stage in Your Life

Clients come to us at various stages in their lives. Some wish to engage in advance elder care planning and seek our services years before they retire. Others come to us right after a medical crisis in order to quickly address important elder care issues.

Act Before a Crisis

While independent living is preferred, there may come a time when it is not possible. Nursing home care is very expensive and can deplete a lifetime of savings in just a few years. Medicaid can pay for nursing home care, provided that you meet certain financial and noneconomic requirements. Recent changes in the law, however, make it much more difficult to qualify for Medicaid-paid nursing home care, and place greater limits on asset transfers.

Early planning to arrange for the financing of nursing home care can help avoid a crisis and preserve estate assets. As experienced Royal Oak Medicaid planning attorneys, we can help you decide:

  • How to best spend your money for care
  • How to rearrange your assets to qualify for Medicaid-paid nursing home care
  • How to preserve estate assets

When a Crisis Happens

A sudden event like a stroke, heart attack or accident can require quick decisions regarding nursing home care. We help clients seeking quality care when emergencies such as these happen. The legal and practical issues can be complicated, but our experience in these matters enables us to provide sound advice regarding long-term care while minimizing the financial effects.

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