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When You Face The Threat Of Foreclosure...

In today’s housing market, many people are facing potential mortgage foreclosure – people who never imagined that this could happen to them.

Maybe you had to move because your family grew, you got a divorce or you needed to relocate for a job. Or maybe you cannot close the estate of a deceased loved one until their house is sold. When the market price of the property does not cover your mortgage and/or home equity loan obligations, your house unexpectedly becomes a drain on your time and money.

If you are spending down your savings making payments and are worried that you will not be able to continue, don’t panic.

Contact us and get skilled Detroit-area attorneys on your side who will immediately devote themselves to avoiding mortgage foreclosure and work to implement a fast, positive solution for you.

Attorneys Negotiating With Lenders On Your Behalf

Knowledgeable counsel can generally negotiate with lenders to avoid or stop the foreclosure of your mortgage. Foreclosure costs lenders money and time, so they will often consider a short sale or other alternative to foreclosure.

At Galloway and Collens, PLLC, we are experienced in working with the loss mitigation departments at mortgage and home equity lenders. With our attorneys on your side, you don’t need to worry about the process; we will take care of it. Our goal is to find solutions that allow our clients to avoid foreclosure and have peace of mind.

Helping Michigan Clients Avoid Foreclosure

We understand that the hassle, embarrassment and credit consequences of mortgage foreclosure are things you want to avoid. Get relief from your worries with lawyers who have dedicated themselves to helping clients avoid foreclosure. Contact Galloway and Collens, PLLC, today.