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A closer look at 'animal house' ordinances

The unfortunate reality is that almost every rental property owner has some sort of experience dealing with less than ideal tenants. While these tenants may have been problematic due to more minor issues like excessive noise or bothersome pets, still others might have been problematic because of more serious issues like criminal activities.

Getting an eviction right

Landlords hope that all of their tenants will be good ones who conscientiously follow all the terms of their lease agreement. Unfortunately, the conduct of some tenants here in Michigan ends up falling far below this hope. Sometimes, lease-breaching conduct by a tenant is so severe that anything short of eviction won't really be able to satisfactorily resolve the situation for the landlord.

Michigan city considers crime-free leases

When you read a lease agreement in one Michigan city, you might be surprised at some point in the future what can get you immediately evicted. An ordinance has been proposed that would include a crime-free clause in a lease agreement. While the new ordinance hasn't passed yet and is simply under discussion, in the near future, it could put some families immediately on the street if someone in the home commits a crime.

Can victims of domestic violence be evicted?

The Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan and the ACLU have requested that the Inkster Housing Commission cease its efforts to evict a pregnant woman from one of the apartments they manage. This landlord-tenant disagreement centers on the fact that the woman is being evicted due to domestic abuse.

Rules for being a landlord

Michigan, like many other states, saw the value of homes drop during the recession. Many homeowners realized that they would make very little or perhaps loose money on a house. While waiting for the housing market to recover, many owners in this situation found themselves entering into a residential lease agreement.

No summary judgment for tenant-landlord dispute over cats

Both Michigan animal lovers and rental property owners are following a case in which a woman faced eviction for owning a cat in a no-pet residence. Her residential lease agreement notwithstanding, the woman said that she had kept cats in her condominium for 11 years and had never received a single complaint. She claimed that she needed the cats with her to help her cope with emotional anxiety.

Knowing the law is important for tenants

Tenant advocates contend that many landlords are not aware of their legal responsibilities. This can lead to landlord-tenant disagreements regarding important matters, including the maintenance of the unit, the rent, visits and leaving the unit. For this reason, tenants in Michigan must be aware of their own rights so that they can respond when treated unfairly.

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