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Avoiding mistakes when buying a residential property

Buying a home can be a wonderful step for your family, but purchasing real estate can be an arduous and complicated process. From inspections to transferring the title, there are many steps before you can take ownership and move into your new Michigan home. Due to the complicated and expensive nature of this process, it is important to make every effort to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

Construction issues can plague residential real estate deals

Any real estate transaction can get instantly complicated, especially when new construction is involved. When new construction is under contract, residential real estate deals may hit snags that require legal support or intervention. Those in Michigan who are embarking on any kind of new construction project can be better prepared for the process and possible complications by being aware of what can go wrong and what to do about it before issues derail the project altogether.

Residential real estate transactions often require legal help

For many people, a real estate transaction is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. While the ins and outs of residential real estate may seem fairly clear, any residential real estate transaction or issue generally can benefit from legal support. The complexities of a residential real estate deal in Michigan, along with the chance that disputes that can arise, are far too risky for anyone considering such an undertaking to tackle alone.

Residential real estate transactions require legal support

The buying, selling and renting of residential real estate property is a legal transaction, one that may be the most valuable transaction you make. Just like any other legal transaction, a residential real estate transaction can become complex and require legal intervention in the way of negotiations or litigation. Michigan homeowners and renters may benefit from a deeper understanding of what complications may arise or which situations may require legal intervention.

Unique challenges for women and their estate plan

Not all estate plans are alike, just as no two women are alike. The process of creating an estate plan is highly personal for anyone, and women may have unique challenges as they move forward with that process. Michigan women who have not created an estate plan or who have not recently updated that plan may want to explore their options, as the process of estate planning can be different for women than it is for men.

Residential real estate deals in Michigan need legal protection

A residential real estate transaction is a legal process that follows the same basic procedures as any other legal contract. Regardless of whether a residential real estate deal is for a primary home or a vacation home, the contract needs to be reviewed and examined by a legal professional, as the provisions contained within are legally binding. Without legal protection, a potential Michigan homeowner or seller could open the door to disputes or minimize his or her own legal protections should something within the deal go awry.

Important to have legal help with residential real estate deal

The act of buying or selling residential real estate can be the biggest financial decision or venture some people ever undertake. As with any important financial undertaking, it is advisable to have sound advice and up-to-date information. For those deciding to sell or buy residential real estate worth more than $250,000, legal advice from a trusted Michigan real estate lawyer can be the best protection available. 

Residential real estate transactions need special attention

For many people, a real estate transaction may be the biggest purchase or sale they ever experience. Residential real estate transactions need special attention, as they can often entail a great deal of money and possibly a great deal of confusion. Because every Michigan residential real estate transaction is as unique as the property and people involved, it is vital to have comprehensive and reliable legal guidance.

Will 2015 be a big year for new home construction in Michigan?

It appears that Michigan could possibly see quite a bit in the way of new home construction in 2015. The Home Builders Association of Michigan predicts that there will be an increase in the demand for new single-family homes this year.

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