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What should you include in your estate plan besides a will?

On our blog, we've discussed the importance of creating a will before it's too late. A will puts in writing who will take care of your minor children and who will get your assets in the event of your death. Having a will is very important. Depending on what you all want to include in your will, it is a relatively simple process to make one.

Same-sex couples and estate planning

For same-sex couples there have been a lot of changes over the last few months. With the United States Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act many of the former challenges for same-sex couples have been removed. Michigan residents may be interested to know that under this new ruling, the federal government must extend benefits to same-sex couples who have been legally married in one of the states that allows gay marriage.

Common mistakes to avoid while estate planning in Michigan

Michigan residents often understand that it is important to plan for their deaths. However, people may not know exactly how to go about doing that. Estate planning is so important that without the right help, people may end up making decisions that turn out to be mistakes in the long run. There are a few common mistakes that Michigan residents should avoid as they are drafting their estate planning documents.

Michigan seniors must start conversations about final wishes

Some people understand the importance of planning for their death, while others do not. Even those who understand why it is important have often not taken all the appropriate steps to make sure their final wishes are carried out. According to a study done by the National Endowment for Financial Education, 69 percent of people claim that there are barriers in place that prevent them from discussing their end-of-life care with a family member.

Michigan college students need an estate plan

Many older Americans know that they need to prepare for their death. They need to have a series of estate planning documents in place to deal with their affairs in case of a medical emergency or their passing. These documents -- including a power of attorney, health proxy and will -- can help make sure a person is taken care of and comfortable before and after death. Without these documents in place, a Michigan family may have to struggle through the probate courts to be able to finalize a person's affairs.

Estate planning and income taxes

The unfortunate reality of life is that no one lives forever. At some point, everyone passes. It is important for Michigan residents to plan for their passing by creating an estate plan. An estate plan can help determine how a person's assets are going to be distributed following their death. By creating an effective and comprehensive estate plan, people can help their loved ones deal more easily with their affairs.

Michigan estate plans should be reviewed regularly

A lot of people in Michigan have prepared a plan for what they would like to see happen when they die. Maybe, with the help of an attorney, they have prepared a will or set up a trust. Maybe they have assigned beneficiaries for bank accounts or written a living will. Whatever it is, people usually have some sort of estate plan in place. While this estate planning is essential to make things easier on people's loved ones, people should not just create their estate plan and forget about it.

Estate planning important in Michigan to avoid probate battles

America is getting older. Every year, baby boomers are inching closer and closer to retirement age. As these baby boomers age, they need to consider estate planning issues. While the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to face, waiting to plan for a person's death can have detrimental effects on a person's estate. Without the right strategies, Michigan residents may end up dealing with negative tax implications or end up in long drawn out legal battles.

Family farms look to estate planning to preserve tradition

Farming has a long tradition in Michigan, even though the number of farms and the amount of acreage devoted to farming has decreased steadily over the last century. Still, for many Michigan residents, it is a way of life.

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