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Dan Gilbert aims to transform Detroit into tech-centered downtown

A vision for a livelier downtown Detroit is the dream of Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert. He's calling it "Detroit 2.0," and with his recent purchases of 15 downtown buildings and his investment in the M1 Rail transit project, Gilbert hopes to transform Detroit into a tech center akin to California's Silicon Valley.

Old buildings, new purposes: Renovating Michigan's past

Many Huntington Woods residents don't usually think about the goings-on in the Upper Peninsula unless we're making plans for a vacation getaway. But when the Keweenaw Peninsula isn't being visited by vacationers from the Lower Peninsula, many of the towns up north are thriving communities; this could be due in part to the recent renovation projects that are transforming communities in the U.P.

With commercial real estate scarce, experts say it's time to build

When the economy tanked in 2007, the United States was in the midst of what was to become the longest recession since World War II. But as the economy slowly began to rebound, consumer confidence grew lending aid to the boom in business ventures across the nation.

Out-of-state investors helping to boost commercial real estate

There's no doubt that commercial real estate market took a massive hit during the most recent recession. With so many companies going out of business, many shops and store fronts across the state, including here in Huntington Woods, were left vacant and unused.

Tenants relocate because building's too expensive to update

Many people in Michigan know how difficult it is to find a place to live the first time let alone multiple times after that. Finding the right place with the right amount of space for the right amount of money can be difficult, if not daunting at times. But what if you were told that you had to move? What would you do then?

Sierra Club denied injunctive relief against waste disposal facility

Many people in Michigan may be familiar with the non-profit organization the Sierra Club that prides itself in promoting conservation and preservation of the earth's ecosystems and resources. Some people can say they know this from looking at the organization's website, but some know this because of the recent media attention the group has been getting after several judges have turned down injunctions proposed by the group.

What you need to know about tenant eviction

Thousands of people across the state of Michigan are currently renting a property, and all of those people have more than likely signed some form of a lease agreement with their landlord. But there is the very likely possibility that a majority of those people did not read all of the fine print before they put pen to paper.

Hurricane Sandy's effect on the housing market could mean big problems

People trying to sell their homes in Michigan within the last few years can tell you how difficult it's been. After the housing bubble burst, property value dropped drastically giving the nation's housing market the lowest prices it's seen in several decades.

Site for bank slated to become new apartment building

For people in Michigan, we're used to city skylines changing. We're used to seeing buildings go up only to be torn down decades later to become something new. And with space at a premium in most major cities, re-using existing space has become the new poster child for the motto: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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