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Landlord-Tenant Matters Archives

Can victims of domestic violence be evicted?

The Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan and the ACLU have requested that the Inkster Housing Commission cease its efforts to evict a pregnant woman from one of the apartments they manage. This landlord-tenant disagreement centers on the fact that the woman is being evicted due to domestic abuse.

Rules for being a landlord

Michigan, like many other states, saw the value of homes drop during the recession. Many homeowners realized that they would make very little or perhaps loose money on a house. While waiting for the housing market to recover, many owners in this situation found themselves entering into a residential lease agreement.

Landlord-tenant dispute leads to arson charges

Landlord-tenant disputes are not uncommon in Michigan, but rarely do they get as extreme as one recently did in New York. A Westchester County landlord set two separate fires outside her home early in the morning of November 3. Her own family members, including two grandchildren, were sleeping inside the home at the time, according to local police officers. They further added that, after lighting each of the fires, the woman simply went back to bed. She allegedly set the first fire around 12:30 am and the second around 4:30 am. The fires burned down a pine tree behind the home, igniting a rear deck as well.

Landlord obligations to tenant safety

Michigan readers may be interested in a recent decision by an Ohio appellate court regarding a landlord's obligation to reasonably protect the safety of a tenant. The issues between the three people involved in the case bring a possible new take on whether or not a lease agreement can be broken.

No summary judgment for tenant-landlord dispute over cats

Both Michigan animal lovers and rental property owners are following a case in which a woman faced eviction for owning a cat in a no-pet residence. Her residential lease agreement notwithstanding, the woman said that she had kept cats in her condominium for 11 years and had never received a single complaint. She claimed that she needed the cats with her to help her cope with emotional anxiety.

Knowing the law is important for tenants

Tenant advocates contend that many landlords are not aware of their legal responsibilities. This can lead to landlord-tenant disagreements regarding important matters, including the maintenance of the unit, the rent, visits and leaving the unit. For this reason, tenants in Michigan must be aware of their own rights so that they can respond when treated unfairly.

Should condo owners in Michigan worry about sinkholes?

If you’re like most of our readers, you’ve probably heard about the gigantic sinkhole that opened up beneath a condominium recently, swallowing half of s building and leaving dozens of people without housing. Though many of the sinkholes reported in the last few months have mostly occurred in Florida, some people here in Michigan may be wondering if this is a problem they should be worrying about as well.

Landlord in 'hot water' after Michigan local scalded by shower

While most recent high school graduates here in Michigan are likely more worried about where they are going to go to college, others are more worried about where they are going to stay, especially if that school is out of state. It’s a lot of pressure to be living on your own for the first time and as some of our readers will attest, there is a lot of concern about whether they’re putting themselves in a bad situation or not.

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