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Landlord-Tenant Matters Archives

Eviction notice signals 'time's up' for Flavor Flav's restaurant

Readers of our blog who reside in Detroit may be familiar with the real estate dispute that has been going on between the Sterling Heights-based investment firm and Forza Development LLC, the company whose partnership with Flavor Flav's restaurant has spurred the problems.

How a rise in rent can lead to a legal dispute

When renters in Michigan first sign a lease agreement, they generally know what the price of their rent is going to be for the duration of their lease agreement. While most renters know that their rent can increase over the course of their stay at a rental property, some may not consider whether that raise is legal or not.

City condemns home after crews discover hoard

Many of our readers here in Michigan may be familiar with the show Hoarders on A&E which depicts people with real-life hoarding problems and the serious problems they face when their compulsive habits are discovered. The show can be both moving and disturbing, showing viewers how much damage these hoards can do to property and people's health as well.

Rights group sues real estate firm for disability discrimination

Most commercial property owners in Michigan know that they must abide by all state and federal housing laws in order to continue lawful operation of their establishment. In all cases, this includes the federal Fair Housing Act which prohibits a property owner from discriminating against an applicant based on any of the categories mentioned in the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and includes disabilities as well. But the crash of the housing market brought an influx of property owners and real estate firms who may not be familiar with all of the applicable laws.

Despite rise in home prices, rental properties still making money

With home prices on the rise, buying a house now in Michigan is a lot better decision than it was just three years ago. That's because the housing market is finally rebounding after the burst of the market bubble that cost thousands of people their homes. But despite the fact that prices are on the rise, some people are still hesitant to sell their homes in a market that could reverse at any moment.

Tenant sues landlord for bed bug problem and eventual eviction

When it comes to infestations in an apartment complex, figuring out who is at fault can sometimes be a tricky matter. Did the landlord know about the infestation before renting out the property or were the pests introduced after the tenant arrived? This is exactly the question jurors in Maryland asked themselves during a landlord-tenant dispute this month. In the end, it only took them 45 minutes to realize the answer to that question.

Landlord files lawsuit against tenant over two-year construction

For landlords in Michigan, retaining your tenants is an important part of doing business. They can mean the difference between turning a profit and not making good on your investment. But what is a landlord to do about a tenant that is being a nuisance to other tenants in your building? Do you take action or risk seeing other tenants leave as a result?

Man sues landlord after light falls from ceiling

Premises liability is probably something that all landlords think about but hope they never have to deal with the litigation that follows.  In most cases of premises liability, landlords are sued by their tenants or other people on their property, who have received injury as a result of an accident on the property.  And while some cases can be as simple as paying for the person's medical bills, other cases may not be as straightforward.

Arbor Hills shopping district signs big-name tenants

Last week, one of our posts detailed the development of the new Arbor Hills shopping center. Located on Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, the project seems to be catching more steam this month as the developers on the project announced that they have had 15 tenants sign leases already and are in various stages of negotiations with many others.

End of lease puts family business on brink of closure

In Michigan, we've seen small businesses close for one reason or another and although sad, most people never think twice about the reasons for which they closed. Maybe it was because of financial troubles or maybe it was because of location, but most people usually don't think it was because the business was on federal land and was in violation of doing harm to a designated wilderness.

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