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Landlord-Tenant Matters Archives

Storms and their impact on your real estate property - part I

With the winter season fast approaching, we want to make sure that readers of our blog have all the necessary facts when it comes to how storms can affect your real estate property. Whether it be a commercial property or a private residence there are a few things that property owners need to be aware of when it comes to not only reporting damage, but how that damage can affect the people living inside the residence. In this blog post, we will be focusing on what can happen to lease agreements when a property becomes damaged from a storm.

Rental property ban sparks legal debate

In many states, including Michigan, renting from a property owner requires that certain documents be filled out and that appropriate identification be presented. Real estate attorneys across that states all agree that it is important to read through lease agreements thoroughly before signing them.

Switch from renting to owning may hurt apartment landlords

In the wake of a particularly rough recession, families in Michigan and across the United States have seen everything from lost jobs to lost homes. When the housing market dipped to its all time low recently, home foreclosures forced many families to choose renting over ownership.

Becoming a first-time landlord

As the housing market in Detroit continues to improve, many residents are considering an investment property or a second home. Others are considering renting out an existing second home or condo to cover mortgage payments while they wait to sell. In an situation, becoming a landlord can be both rewarding and stressful, but there is a lot that prospective landlords can do to make the process easy and profitable.

Michigan man defrauded by fake landlord

A Flint man recently discovered that the deposit he put down on a house for rental was gone, and that the woman he thought was his new landlord didn't actually own the property. Reports indicate that the man found the house on, a free classified ads site. The man went to visit the house, met the supposed landlord, and paid a $500 security deposit. He also signed a rental agreement and began to move into the home before he realized what had happened.

Rent prices rise across the country

Rent prices are rising around the country as many property owners seek to take advantage of unusually low vacancy rates. Landlords in many urban areas stand to gain from the market conditions, which some experts say could be due to many people who previously owned homes returning to renting after a foreclosure or short sale.

Landlord and tenants argue over possible haunted house

Landlords and tenants typically argue over issues like a broken air conditioner or past due rent or other easily anticipated elements of occupying a rental property. A family in New Jersey recently filed a complaint against their landlord for a very unusual reason. They believe the house is haunted.

Rental repairs and the landlord-tenant relationship

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant can be complex. On one hand, both parties stand to gain if they are able to work well together in the long term. The renter will ideally enjoy a prompt response to repair requests and the landlord will have someone who takes care of the space and respects their neighbors. However, it's not always this easy, and both parties often feel that the other is not holding up their end of the deal. When disputes arise, what is the best way to solve them?

Can landlords require online payment for rent?

Renters have filed a suit against a landlord who requires them to pay their rent online. The tenants' suit claims that the online payments are a pretense to get rid of the lower income renters in the building that benefit from rent-stabilization. Many older residents say that the online payments make them vulnerable to eviction because they are not as technologically savvy as younger renters.

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