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Property line causes dispute between homeowner and city

When it comes to property lines, disputes can arise from just about anything. This is especially true if one neighbor does not like what the other neighbor is doing on their side of the property line. Some of our readers here in Michigan may have experienced something similar and know that these types of property disputes can lead to litigation in order to find a resolution.

Mother seeks justice in apartment fire that killed her child

If a property owner knows about potential safety risks and does nothing to remedy the problems, then that property owner can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that occur on the property. At least, that’s what the law here in Michigan tells us and is relatively similar to other real estate laws established in many other states.

Construction defects force builder to make $43.2 million repairs

During the housing bubble in 2008, hundreds of thousands of homes were hastily constructed across the nation to meet the demand. Unfortunately, some of these homes were not built properly and may be violating constriction codes. Everything from defective building materials to cost-cutting measures to the employment of unskilled labor could be to blame for these violations; but as readers of our blog know, these violations could become huge problems for homeowners down the road.

Michigan judge denies stay on eviction process for disabled man

Bad news was delivered by Judge Michael Klaeren in the 12th District Circuit court this month to a disabled man who had been fighting eviction from his Napoleon Township home. Fighting the eviction process since 2010, the recent court order to leave his home by the end of August was just another blow of bad luck to the Michigan man.

Things to consider when having a boundary dispute with neighbors

When it comes to property lines in urban and even some suburban areas, most people don’t think too much about the boundaries of their properties. That’s usually because, in these areas, property lines are dictated by fences put up long ago, which are hardly ever argued when the property passes from one owner to the next.

Variances, zoning disputes and freedom of speech, oh my!

You don't need to tell readers of our blog about how complicated real estate law can get sometimes. With complex legal terminology and differing laws between each county, some property owners here in Michigan would agree that homeownership is not as simple as holding a deed.

Restoring Victorian home in Michigan no small task

When a couple in Birmingham, just north of Detroit, bought an 1895 Queen Anne-style Victorian home, they knew they had a large project on their hands. Looking at pictures of the home as it was in 1990 made the wife a little overwhelmed. The husband saw it as an oppurtunity to make something special. It was an ambitious two-year effort that eventually paid off in a big way.

New city ordinance creating frowns in Ypsilanti Township

For those readers of our blog old enough to remember time before video games and social networking, summer days were usually spent taking bike rides to the beach and playing games in the street with neighborhood children. But if you’re a kid in Ypsilanti Township this month, your summer plans of playing games in the street were thwarted by a new city ordinance that has some community members frowning this month.

Rezoning suggested to help commercial property to thrive again

Along with the recession came the plunge of the job market. Companies collapsed under the combination of diminishing revenue and mounting debt, forcing many of them to close their doors for good. As a result, once used store fronts became vacant spaces, simply waiting for their next tenant to arrive. It's something most Michigan residents have noticed in the last few years; and while the economy is rebounding and business is returning to many areas, zoning plans may be the reason why some derelict properties are having problems filling their vacancies.

Litigation continues on landslide caused by construction project

A complicated legal dispute out of Minnesota this month is reminding Michigan residents of the importance of accurate documentation and proper legal representation when it comes to litigation. That's because, as this case points out, having the more right evidence to back up your claims can mean everything when it comes to court decisions.

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