Costco is moving forward with plans for a new Michigan location after its plans were approved by local officials. The Oshtemo Township Planning Commission voted unanimously on Dec. 12 to approve plans for a new Costco store as the anchor of a new development that will include a mix of retail stores with leisure services and a balanced approach to space for both cars and pedestrians.

A representative of Costco and town officials worked with the developer to present its plans to the commission. Some commissioners did express concerns about traffic patterns, the safety of a storm water basin on the property and the aesthetics of the development’s walls. Residents have also expressed concerns about the removal of trees for the project and how the land use of the development will affect the area’s scenery. Costco and development officials addressed all of those concerns to the satisfaction of commissioners during the presentation.

The development area is transitioning from residential zoning into commercial with a total expected cost of nearly $70 million. The developer said it expects Costco to create over 600 jobs in the area and generate nearly $1.5 million in annual tax revenue. The store is expected to open by the end of 2014.

Building a new facility or retail location may be an exciting process for both a business and a community. The creation of jobs, additional revenue and an increased community presence can be beneficial for all parties involved. However, many local governments want to have a say in what is being built and how it will affect the surrounding community. A real estate attorney could help a developer navigate the numerous government approvals that may be required before the facility can open.

Source:, “Costco warehouse club plan pushes ahead with approval of the Oshtemo Planning Commission“, Al Jones, December 13, 2013

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