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Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

When you face a legal matter in real estate, it is vital to carefully consider your choice of legal counsel. Why? Because matters of real estate almost always involve a significant amount of money and because many attorneys are not equipped to address the highly complex laws associated with real estate.

Addressing The Complex Legal Issues Associated With High-Value Real Estate

Royal Oak attorney T. Scott Galloway leads the real estate practice at Galloway and Collens, PLLC. He is highly respected throughout the local and legal community for his intricate knowledge of real estate laws and his tangible track record of success in legal representation. Mr. Galloway was named to the list of Top Lawyers in Metro Detroit by DBusiness Magazine and is known for resolving the most complicated real estate matters that other lawyers are not prepared to handle.

Together with our skilled legal team, attorney Galloway represents a range of real estate clients in transactions and disputes involving high-value properties.

Our client base includes:

  • Buyers and sellers of high-end homes
  • Realtors and real estate brokers
  • Property management companies
  • Title companies
  • Commercial property owners
  • Appraisers
  • Investment companies
  • Small-business owners

Experienced Legal Counsel For Your Significant Real Estate Transaction Or Complex Dispute

Our Royal Oak lawyers are equipped to address real estate matters throughout the state of Michigan. They also have significant experience representing international clients with property interests in our state.

Learn more about our areas of focus in real estate law:

Contact Our Oakland County Real Estate Law Attorneys

For all of your real estate legal needs, contact our Oakland County lawyers at 248-545-2500.