The representation of any Michigan client in a commercial real estate law matter requires an in-depth understanding of common problems and concerns faced by landlords, commercial property owners, real estate management firms and commercial tenants. The more a law firm focuses solely on matters pertaining to real estate, the more that firm will be familiar with and capable of tackling the unique issues faced by these individuals and businesses. At our Huntington Woods firm, we pride ourselves on our dedicated specialization in matters that strictly pertain to real estate.

Most of the cases we taken on involve lease transactions and litigation. However, we also handle a wide variety of general commercial real estate matters. Our services include the creation of commercial lease agreements; the resolution of commercial lease violations and issues pertaining to commercial lease terminations. We also assist with commercial property management issues, the litigation of commercial real estate disputes and we assist individuals and companies to successfully complete purchases and sales of retail and office space buildings.

We represent both commercial real estate tenants and landlords, which has given us a deep understanding for both sides of this equation. This helps us negotiate and bring legal disputes to conclusion faster –because we know exactly what each side has to gain and lose in such legal matters.

A commercial property dispute can sometimes be resolved quicker, easier and cheaper than either side of the issue initially believed — if efficient legal strategies are employed in a well-thought out way that appropriately reflects the situation at hand. Even if it becomes necessary to litigate a dispute, though, plaintiffs and defendants can often reach an out-of-court settlement before the actual trial, which can save on costs and eliminate the risks associated with litigating a commercial property dispute before a judge. Regardless the situation, we will seek the fairest possible resolution for our client by employing the most cost-effective methods available.

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