As real estate markets in Michigan and the rest of the country improve, new real estate offices and residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities are popping up all over the place. Indeed, in recent events, Sotheby’s International Reality has announced the opening of a new real estate office in Grand Rapids.

According to the manager of the location, he is excited to bring Sotheby’s luxury brand to downtown Grand Rapids. He said that Sotheby’s will provide Grand Rapids homeowners with the ability to show their homes to international buyers through the latest in technological resources. Among the selling strategies employed by Sotheby’s is the creation of professionally edited video tours, which online buyers can use to evaluate a property from afar.

Sotheby’s interest in the Grand Rapids area is certainly a positive sign that real estate markets are improving. However, anyone who is considering to make purchases and sales of Michigan real estate may wish to consider consulting with a real estate attorney before closing on the deal. Indeed, a real estate law specialist can do a lot to protect an investor’s rights, and avoid future problems that could arise from a real estate transaction later on down the road.

Problems commonly faced by Michigan investors after following through with purchases and sales of real estate involve zoning issues, title disputes, boundary disputes and contract disputes. While it is best to avoid these kinds of issues before they occur, for some, it is too late for that and it will be necessary to litigate the dispute and/or negotiate with local zoning authorities and/or the buy or seller in order to favorably settle the matter.

Source:, “Sotheby’s International Realty opens office in downtown Grand Rapids” Jim Harger, Aug. 04, 2014

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