Landlords hope that all of their tenants will be good ones who conscientiously follow all the terms of their lease agreement. Unfortunately, the conduct of some tenants here in Michigan ends up falling far below this hope. Sometimes, lease-breaching conduct by a tenant is so severe that anything short of eviction won’t really be able to satisfactorily resolve the situation for the landlord.

When evicting a major problem tenant, it is understandable that a landlord may be heavily focused on getting the tenant out as quickly as possible. However, it is important for landlords to not let a focus on speed get in the way of making sure an eviction is done properly.

Michigan law puts a lot of rules and requirements in place when it comes to the process of evicting a tenant. It can be vital for landlords to make sure to comply with these rules and requirements in any eviction they do. If a landlord violates a state rule or fails to meet a state requirement when it comes to a tenant eviction, they could be opening themselves up to legal action.

Thus, not getting an eviction right could cause something that was intended to get rid of a problem for a landlord to actually be something that creates a new one for them.

Our firm understands the importance of doing an eviction correctly, and can give landlords who are seeking to evict a major problem tenant guidance and advice on the eviction process here in Michigan.

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