The act of buying or selling residential real estate can be the biggest financial decision or venture some people ever undertake. As with any important financial undertaking, it is advisable to have sound advice and up-to-date information. For those deciding to sell or buy residential real estate worth more than $250,000, legal advice from a trusted Michigan real estate lawyer can be the best protection available. 

There are many legal documents that need to be drafted during such a pricey transaction. With an attorney by your side, you can feel confident in the drafting and review of all documents, including closing documents. At times, a residential real estate transaction can involve disputes. An attorney may need to intervene and resolve a dispute so the deal can move forward.

Vacation homes can be just as complex as any other residential property deal. Investment property has to comply with certain regulations. Single home owners and managers alike may need assistance to ensure the sale and the management of vacation homes is handled as needed.

Any residential real estate transaction, be it a single family home or a large-scale multi-family vacation complex, can hit snags or become overly complicated if rough patches crop up when the deal is negotiated. No one entering into a residential real estate deal, regardless how many times they have sold or bought property, should try to navigate the waters on his or her own. Our website contains more information and resources as to why it is beneficial to rely on legal support when entering into any kind of real estate agreement or transaction in Michigan.

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